What is Home Fix?

What is Home Fix?
What is Home Fix?

What is Home Fix? Hello, Im Gökhan Gülmez, im the general manager of Home Fix company.

We have been trading in Alanya since 1997 and has been involved in the construction, building renovation and home improvement Industry for years.

In these years, we have completed many renovating works here in Alanya. We have became very good friends with our customers after serious business process.

During these years, our customers are still blessing and visiting us. Serious business process turned into a great friendship

One of the houses that we built and been manage since 2003

Im really careful, when i do trade or talk to especially to foreign people

Because im presenting my country and my puplic. The customer is always right. This is also my mission. The costomer has to be happy and satisfied.

Because they pay for it. Then they will go and talk to other people, about what we have done. Then we will be grown up, and reach more people without paying any huge advertiser bill

Im coming from the bottom of construcition industry. And im still on the way to top of it. It is still long way further.

I have been involved in the construction and building industry.

According that, i have been involved in many processes as a adviser, selling properties, buying properties, swopping properties  and also managing the properites to rent them out with very good value.

Alanya is a holiday town. Especially foreigne are not living here permanently.

Even, if they do living here permanetly, they might not know the best companies to work with


Im just informing you, we are not too far to you. Just email us, visit us. Get some advise.

We will prepare a proper estimate, which is written in english. So the customer knows, what to expect. Our estimate is free of charge

What is Home Fix?

We work for domestic and commercial in Alanya Turkey Please check our web page to get more information.

Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards

Gökhan Gülmez

General Manager