Apartment Block Management

  • Maintenance Service

    By Law every apartment block containing more than 7 apartments has to have a maintenance manager or caretaker. Traditionally this role has fallen to one of the residents of the block. İn many cases this has been unsuccessful with a large workload of admin, regular maintenance charge collection, dealing with the poblems of infrastructure emergencys, planned maintenance projects and many more issues that arise in a communal block.

    Homefix offers a complete 24/7 maintenance service in a 12month contract working with the law Office as required by the government.

  • How to Choose Your Maintenance Company

  • First of all we have to set up a decision book. This book is an official document that is stamped and veryfied by the notary. All decisions and votes are written in this book and signed by the residents. Next in the process is to give an official 2 week notice period to the residents to inform them of a meeting time. İn this meeting more than 50% of the residents have to agree with the maintenance company's contract proposal and fees before going any further. Once the residents are happy with the price of the service and happy with the amount of organisation that is proposed they will vote and the maintenance man is chosen. This 50%+ agreement is needed for any large decisions.

    İf the residents have any requests or complaints these can be directed at the manager and it will all be recorded in the book. Generally two of the residents will act as the block representatives and controllers.

  • Process

  • Before collecting Money from the residents we have to visıt the tax Office to be issued with a tax number. After receiving the tax number, we open a bank account. The residents then pay their monthly charge into this account. This is collected by the manager in cash monthly or if prefered in one yearly payment. A receipt is always given. İf any residents refuse to pay reguarly we have issue 3 warnings, then if this is not successful we have to give the decision book to our lawyer who is entitled by law to take the money however he can.

  • Duties

  • The duties of the maintenance manager include, weekly checks of the roof, solar panels, pipes and tanks. İnforming the residents that all the landings and staircases must be kept clear of shoes or rubbish and any other belonings that may cause obstuction. The entrance hall must be kept clear of any motorbikes, cycles and large equipment. He will also check communal lighting and general cleanliness outside the block. Also keeping track of service contracts for lifts and any other equipment maintenance and collecting regular payments from residents. He will pay communal water and electricity bills and visit weekly dealing with any complaints that may arise.

  • İf the Apartment Block Needs any Service or Refurbishment

  • Once the decision to have work carried out has been approved. The manager will obtain three estimates, again these will be discussed, voted on and approved. He will then supervise the work, organise the payments, keep disruption to a minimum and sort out any complaints that may arise. İf a large expensive project is required on the building, again the price has to be agreed and the residents will give permission through the decision book. The manager then signs the contract with the contractor.

  • Disaticfaction with the Maintenance Manager

  • A meeting will be called and all the official documents will be presented. A vote will be taken to remove the managing company. A new manager will be installed and the bank accounts will be verifyed and transfered to the new manager as noted in the decision book.