Fire Place Systems And Meintanence Alanya

 Fireplaces are a fantastic addition to any home in the colder months of the year - bringing warmth, style, and a cosy ambience. Almost any home can be fitted with a fireplace, and the large variety of fireplaces means that there is one to suit just about every home. We've outlined the different types of fireplaces below

Fireplace Maintenance

No matter what type of fireplace you have, maintenance will need to be performed at some stage, especially if you have a wood burning fireplace. It is important that the ash is cleaned out regularly and that the glass and gaskets are kept clean. You will also need to have a chimney sweep inspect your fireplace regularly, preferably every year.

Flat Fireplace

The fire with the boiler attached can be connected to a classical radiator system installed throughout the property, with the hot water running from the fireplace through pipes and filling radiators to heat each room. Or, if you prefer, the fire can be used separately without the heating system attached. It is a very comfortable way of heating your home.

Fan Fireplace

We can also install a hot air heating system for the whole property. The electric fire heats the air in the room, when it reaches the correct temperature, the warm air is then sent through a network of pipes using turbo fans and out into each room through hot air vents.

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