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  • Pvc Doors and Windows:

    Doors and Windows are one of the most important parts of your house. Turkey is a large country and has huge temperature changes but mostly in the south it is very hot. To cope with changes in temperature we recommend Pvc frames. They last for many years and are maintenance free and very secure. In winter they keep the cold and draughts out and in summer the cool air conditioned air in. They will not shrink or warp.

    People in Turkey prefer Pvc frames and doors because they are so practical. Wooden frames are also available but the cost can be higher. Most of the good quality wood has to be imported so making frames more expensive, but they are available to choose.

    Interior Doors

    We have a good choice of American Panel internal doors. They are modern and very stylish, we paint them with two coats of paint finishing with a hard durable gloss paint. If the customer prefers, we can supply a natural wooden internal door either painted or just varnished for a natural finish.


    Shutters are a very practical way of securing your home when it is not in use.Many people are coming here from all over Turkey and the world and buying property for use as a holiday homes so for many months the property can be empty. Shutters also provide great protection from the strong sun and can be partially closed to give shade over the balcony or windows.

    Mosquito Guard

    We can also fit mosquito guards to the outside of your windows or doors allowing you to keep your doors and windows open but mosquitos and other bugs out. It is a very fine mesh in a fixed panel or a mesh that you can pull down when needed. İt will not stop any sunlight.

    Steel Doors:

    Your external door is the most important door in your house. Our doors are made of extremely strong steel, they are very strong and very secure. We can offer many different styles and colours. They never need to be painted and are totally maintenance free

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