Alanya Solar Water Heaters Systems

 Home Fix is pleased to introduce the range of solar water heaters. These systems can be installed on the roof of your property and basically forgotten about. The smallest model of the range has a 181 Litre capacity. Ideal for a family of two.

Do away with water heating bills and help clean up your environment at the same time. These systems are extremely easy to install. They have a cold input and a hot output. The pressure from your cold water supply will keep it filled and your hot tap will have a constant hot feed. Any space in the tank is instantly filled and starts heating.

Also we install solar heating panels for hotels, saunas, spa centres and turkish baths. We are very fortunate in Turkey to be able to use a natural and free energy which helps to keep the cost of electricy and oil bills to a minimum.

Pressurized systems

Pressure & temperature stability

All our boilers are manufactured from 304 stainless chrome and sewing welding technology with stainless editional parts. Cold water boilers and hot water cases are produced without welding by special closing press.

Transportation and mounting easy with demount stands. in addition to this feature stain is protected by covering the stands with electrostatic powder paint.

Visual pollution on the roofs is prevented with pressured systems modern design. Also the system can be work at gardens and everywhere under sunshine not only roofs.

Coppper collector instead of aluminium and non-breakable glass or prismatic glass are due to the costumers demand.

Horizontal tank system

Double horizontal boilers

Horizontal storage systems should be preferred in the areas of the problematic city water supply netwo rks. Hot water tank and cold water tank is separated from each other and they are connected with additional parts. Cold water tank is greater than 4-5 times according to the upright system. Therefore these stores can be used as a cold water tank in housing. Cold water tank can be produced with insulation. ( optional and in cold regions )

Our horizontal systems no need the pump. System works with closed-loop thermal fluid circulation principle. This is a system with a closed circuit and antifreeze. With antifreeze collector water with the use of water do not mix together. İn cold winter months to prevent freezing of water antifreeze additives are used within the water. Use of water entry is controlled by the float. Hot water become less the float provides the entering of the cold water to the tank.

The boiler' insulation is provided with glass wool insulation. Depending on demand, polyurethane foam can also be used. Our all stores are manufactured with 304 stainless chromium. In the production phases are not used weld absolutely. With demounted stand system in transportation and installation has become more advantageous. Stands covered with electrostatic powder paint and rust prevented life has been increased.

Aluminum collector was used in our packet system. Collector and the glass choice is up to the customer's preferred.

Forced circulation systems

Intelligent heater systems

Forced circulation systems use electricity to power pumps that move liquid through to system.

A forced circulation system is more flexible but also more complex than a thermosyphon system, because it needs a pump and a controller. A forced circulation system can be operated as pre-heater or cover the whole ANAGES demand if its equipped width a supplimentary heater (e.g. an integrated electric heater or gas burner). A well designed forced circulation system shows the same high and reliable performance as a thermosyphon system.

Forced circulation systems are mosto common in Turkiye. The forced circulation makes it possible to seperate the tank and the collector as heat transfer fluid is pumped between the tank and the collector. That means the tank can be placed inside the building or even in the cellar, which often makes it easier to integrate solar system.

1. Boiler

1a. Single serpantined boiler

Single serpentined boiler is fed only one heat source. If any heat source will be not entegrate to the system, this system should be selected. In this case the heat source will be only solar collectors.

1b. Double serpantined boiler

Double serpentined boiler can be heated the water by using heat from two different heat source. One of serpentine is uses solar collectors for heating in this system. The other serpentine can use another heat source for heating the water. Buildings central heating system or combi boilers can be entegrate to this system easily.

2. Collectors

Only the collectors are using out of building. They can be used in different sizes according to heating capacity. The collectors must be suitable for the boiler capacity in the system.

3. Pump group

The pump group provides the circulating water from collectors to boiler. Also it has own safety appliances.

4. Control group

It's the most important unit in this system. Control panel is commanted to the pump system about runing or stoping while measuring the temperature of boiler and collector. This unit is running with 4oC temperature difference principle. If the collectors temperature is more then 4oC, the control unit runs the circulation by pump. Othervise it stops the circulation. So the system is works in safety.

Control devices varies depending on the type of boiler in the system. Sundra and Suntana are the names of control devices. Sundra device should be use with single serpentined boilers. Suntana is should be use with double serpentined boilers.

What is Solar Water Heating ?

Solar water heating uses heat from the sun to warm up liquid pumped through a panel on your roof. In the most common kind of system, this liquid then goes through a coil in a hot water cylinder where the heat is transferred to water that comes out of your hot tap. Most systems have a small pump that moves water around the system.

Solar water heating should not be confused with photovoltaic systems which make electricity

A solar water heating system is made up of three main components, solar panels, a plumbing system and a hot water cylinder.

  • Solar panels are fitted to your roof and contain collectors. These collectors absorb and retain heat from the sun's rays and transfer this heat to a fluid.
  • The plumbing system is made up of simple piping and sometimes a pump, which moves the heated fluid around the system and through the hot water cylinder.
  • A hot water cylinder is used to store the hot water that is heated by the fluid being pumped around the system.

  • If you have any questions that are not covered here or you need advice, you can Contact us and we will be happy to help.