Shower Cabins and Compact Steam Systems Alanya

 Interdus leading and well known a Turkish industrial company in bathtub & shower bathtub line is the continuously developing dynamic firm and was founded in 1994 and at the beginning was mainly engaged in the field of servicing inter acyrilic showertube & inter bath tub. Wehave been doing home improvement job in Alanya since 1997 we have been using interduş stuff because service and quality is really good..

There are over the130 different models used in bathtub & shower tube series which attractive model options to meet utilization needs and mostly used components used in products as well as jet motors etc.have original quality and functional designs that provide an aesthetic appearance and ease of use as well as longer life and ergonomics. All of the bathtubs and shower tubs series are manufactured and tested in full compliance with the international standards and the norms. Both production and the post-production organizations are managed according to the ISO Standards and what makes LiDER LTD CO achieve this entire goal are the dedicated efforts which has been aiming absolute customer satisfaction.