Alanya Home Improvement Insulation Service

Sound Proofing:

With many people in Turkey living in apartments, noise from neighbours above, below and to the side can be very disturbing. Constant loud music, TV noise, talking and shouting and movement of furniture on our tiled or wooden floors can be very stressful and cause bad relations between neighbours.

We can provide experts to solve all these problems. We can sound proof your walls, ceilings and floors to stop excess noise coming from surrounding properties. This will also help with reducing noise from outside on the street and road making living conditions much more pleasant.

  • Wall
  • Affixing plaster
  • IB heat insulating panel
  • Subel
  • First coat plastering
  • Plastering sheet
  • Second plastering
  • External painting.

  • Heat Insulation:

    Buildings cool down in winter and warm up in summer. To help keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round we can insulate your walls and ceilings and floors to help keep the heat inside in winter and the cool air-conditioned air inside in the summer. We have to spend a lot of money keeping our houses warm and cool and well-insulated walls, floors and ceilings can help cut our heating costs by 50%.

    Our insulating materials are of the highest quality and conform to the official regulations and can stop problems such as condensation, mould and fungal growth. Thermal insulating can also be applied the external walls of the building. The glass in the windows can be replaced with thermal glass. On the whole, insulating your home can make it a much more comfortable and cheaper place to live

    Water Proofing:

    Water can become a problem in some homes. Excess water in the ground can affect the external walls and floors of your property but also the interior from problems with water pipes, baths, showers and toilets and kitchens. We can protect the external walls of a ground floor apartment from excess water in the earth but also protect your home from water seeping up through the floor. Kitchen and bathroom floors can be waterproofed to provide protection for the apartment below in case of leaking pipes or overflowing water..

    Over time the concrete that apartment blocks are constructed from can deteriorate, especially flat roofs where water can sit for long periods of time eventually leaking through onto ceilings and walls below. The water can also cause problems by corroding the steel supports inside the concrete. Waterproofing can stop all these major problems happening by providing a strong barrier against invading water or by channelling it away to flow down drainpipes. It also stops smaller problems like interior cracks and mould growth. A well protected home against water can give peace of mind. Comments from satisfied clients can be found on the testimony page.

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