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 Ezotic and colorful, mosaics are among the most ancient forms of decorating. Clay mosaics ornamented the walls of sumerican temples in mesopotamia five thousand years ago. The great civilizations of the ancient world produced magnificent mosaics, stil visible in Egyptian tombs, and Byzantine churches.

Continuous contact with water, frosting and defrosting, physical and chemical aggression as well as continued exposure to sunlight and frequent cleaning with caustic products may cause rapid deterioration of the covering in its multiple


Swimming pools, exteriors, sports pavilions and healt centres, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

So there is an obvious need for a covering with suitable phycical, chemical and mechanical characteristics to combat possible cause of deterioration. The vitreous coating, manufactured mainly from a harmonious combination of glass, heat and color, which is unalterable and easy to clean and apply, is the ideal product for all kinds of applications.

Mozaics and murals are experiencing a renewal of popularity as designers rediscover the creative possibilities of the medium. In interiors, mozaics, are applied lavishly to decorate entire walls and floors, or used sparingly to enrich monochromatic tiled surface with the addition of color accents and elegant borders.

It allows for highly attractive, constructive details giving the designer absolute freedom of imagination to create a specific, environmental context.